This category includes 6-18 years old children, who are unable to go to school due to the fact that they cannot afford the main education expenses or have to work instead.


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Devran k.

12 Yaşında

is not able to afford his education expenses

I'm Devran K. I live in Yenidoğan village of Iğdır's Aralik province. We are 6 brothers, one of my brothers passed away.

One of my sisters has epidermolisis bullosz disease and continues her education in the village. I'm going to school in district, because I need a better education.
My father supports us, but his financial situation is not very good. He's a farmer
I'm very good at school. My favorite classes are Maths and English. But I need education materials. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer in Aselsan.

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