This category includes 6-18 years old children, who are unable to go to school due to the fact that they cannot afford the main education expenses or have to work instead.


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Birkan G.

13 Years Old

Under Very Difficult Living Conditions

Birkan G. is the youngest child born in 2005 in a family of 3 children living in Tokat. His parents are not qualified to perform parental duties to support the family and raise children.

His parents are unemployed. In addition to the cost of the milk provided by their 2 cows, they make a living with various social benefits and donations from philanthropists.

They live in a debris house in the town that belongs to a relative, which appears in the photographs and does not adequately meet the need for housing.

Birkan's older sister Emine has been living with a relative in Ankara since a young age. They raise his sister and make her study. His sister is a university student.

Mehmet, the middle brother, is a high school student. While staying in the state dormitory and studying in the city center, he had to leave the school due to low back pain problems. He has no treatment started and is currently staying with his family.

Birkan's mother has a disease called spleen enlargement. Therefore, she can not take care of such domestic tasks as cleaning the house, lighting the stove, cooking, and caring for animals.

Their homes are far from hygiene and do not provide healthy living conditions. The family needs basic living conditions such as feeding, cleaning, and heating.

Due to all these negative conditions, Birkan has experienced school attendance problems since primary school and has fallen behind in his education. His educational deficiencies are somewhat eliminated by providing support at school.

Birkan's ability to hold on to life depends on the formation of adequate living conditions: a healthy shelter, nutrition, and clothing needs.

Birkan needs your support.

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