No. INSAN is founded by people who are not related to any public or politic instututions. They are well-educated, having a profession and voluntarily united. This small group of volunteers share the common belief that well raised children could change the future positively. INSAN aims to base a support platform in a clear, safe, collaborative and modern way.
Not yet. But we are planning to have in the next years.
We can not receive physical aid of any kind yet. Because we don't have the necessary funds to create a system of logistics yet.
insan ilelisim Dernegi Denizbank Kiziltoprak Branch
Account No: 11567143
IBAN:TR35 0013 4000 0115 6714 3000 01
Swift Code: DENITRIS
USD Account No: TR51 0013 4000 0115 6714 3000 04
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All the donations we've received are placed on our website. The system has been updated weekly and new donors whose names are in the account informations, are being saved and published. If you donated, please check your name from the DONORS page in 10 days.
Of course. Because of the philosophy of being clear, online and reviewable, INSAN publishes even the minimum anount of money that is donated or spend. However the right of being anonymous is always an option. If you send us this request as a note during your donation or send an email about it, your donation can be published as anonymous.
As INSAN International team , our common purpose is providing positive conditions for children by bypassing the naturally-occured inse-cure environments. At this point, online updated financial tables and our clear system that shows what we earn and where we spend it ,is the most concrete step we take for clarity. Besides, if you want to be a donor of a child, we will share the news, photos and detailed infor-mation of him/her with you regularly. At the fundraising projects, when we collect the target donation budget, the physical aid product is produced and a specific percent of it is delivered by first hand. Even if it is delivered at first hand or delivered, we receive signed receipts of delivery. At the delivery process, photo and video shooting documents are also received as proof. We are sharing them on social media. If you've shared your email and your request as your donation, we can share this materials with you too.
When you support a child, 85% of your donation is sent directly to the parents.. The rest 15% remains as fund that is spend on our fixed and variable expenses.
At the process of addind a kid to system, there are expenses like visiting, photo shoots, video production, updating of the website data-base, hosting, personel, rent, catering, fuel etc. So we have do that to keep running and continue this social platform.
Of course. You can donate for our seasonal fundraising projects or foundation expenses to keep us running.
No, It is a special licenced project that has lasted for two years, ended at the end of 2017.
Of course. The main purpose of INSAN is finding and supporting the children who are in need by conecting them with donors who could support them in long period and provide the communication between them regularly. However the vision of reaching Anatolian kids and adding them to the one to one sponsorship system, makes projects like a pair of happiness quite essential. Consequently in long term we are planning to set new seasonal goals in different concepts to feed the one to one system.
We can create project concepts which can be customized to companies and organisations. For detailed information please get in touch with us.
Of course. If you donate us as a corporation and share your information and email adress on notes, we can publish your corporation's name as a donor.
We don't have any active project to support schools directly. But if you share your story with us on an email; we can share it with our key contacts or consider these needs when we define our new project theme.