INSAN International, 2015 yılından beri tüm dünya çocuklarının eşit eğitim olanaklarına sahip olabilmeleri için çalışan ve en güvenilir yardım kuruluşları arasına girebilmek vizyonuyla projeler yürüten Türkiye merkezli bir yardım platformudur. INSAN International, tamamen şeffaf ve online Gelir-Gider Tablosuna sahip Türkiye’deki ilk ve tek yardım kuruluşudur. Veritabanı sistemi sayesinde yapılan tüm bağışların Finansal Tablolar ve Destekçilerimiz sayfalarından canlı olarak takip edilebilmesi mümkün olabilmektedir.


Born in İstanbul,1978. Graduated from ITU Faculty of Management with a Management Information Systems and is continuing his education in ITU Remote Sensing doctorate program. Having worked in managerial and director positions at several leading multinational companies, he started his own business on media investment and has been successfully running it for the last eight years. Having observed the needs-gap in different parts of the society and consumption habits of individuals at different income levels, he was activels involved with development of the project with the goal of shapiring his experience in relativity of the concept of value. He is currnetly serving at İnsan Communication Fund as Chairman.


Born in İstanbul in 1986. Graduated from Kadıköy Anadolu High School in 2005 and from YTÜ Faculty of Architecture with a City and Zone Planning degree in 2009. She completed her post graduate studies in YTÜ, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, City Landscape Organization and Design master program. Having specialized in visual since 2009, she has been working with the key accounts as a manager of visual design and organization for yhe last 6 years. Having an opportunity to reside in several different cities across Anatolia during her education and observing first hand the condition of education of female students in particular, she was actively involved with development of the project with her motivation to contribute to improving conditions of those girls. She is currently serving as İnsan Communication Fund Vice Chairman while working on desgns and web layouts related to the project.


Born in Ankara in 1976. Graduated from Bowling Green State University, USA with a Visual Communication Tchnology degree in 2009. He has completed his internships at Rockwell Automation software departmant working on user interface and experience and various photograpy studios in Texas and Colorado. While he has a vast knowledge of many facets of visual communication technology, he has chosen to specialize in photograpy, web design and programming. Having the experince of working at several different field, he also serves as a technology consultant. He has contributed to construction of İnsan Communication Fund web site and databases. As a founding member he is currently serving as IT Director at İnsan Communication Fund.