This category includes 6-18 years old children, who are unable to go to school due to the fact that they cannot afford the main education expenses or have to work instead.


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Ala S.

20 Years Old

Determined to Complete his Education

Ala is a hopeful young individual. As the oldest child of a family that migrated from Syria to Turkey, he embarked on a new life in Turkey. Despite the odds, he managed to become a first-year law school student, and this achievement owes much to the support of those around him.

Ala's educational journey began with the assistance of the Kocaköy District Governor. At the time, Ala couldn't even speak Turkish, and due to financial constraints, he couldn't pursue his educational aspirations. However, the Kocaköy District Governor went the extra mile by hiring a private tutor to help Ala learn Turkish and enabled him to start his education from the 7th grade.

When it came to affording the annual 10,000 TL budget for university education, Ala was able to enroll with the help of his relatives in Mersin and a generous benefactor. However, the 2023 earthquake forced Ala and his family to stay in a dormitory, exacerbating their financial difficulties.

Ala is determined not to interrupt his education. He nurtures grand ambitions for his career and works hard to develop himself. Yet, realizing these dreams is near impossible without financial support.

The family, aside from losing their home due to the earthquake, is grappling with financial hardship. Ala's father is unwell and unable to work, leaving his mother as the sole breadwinner. Among their five siblings, three are receiving an education. His sister is in the second year of high school, his brother is in the seventh grade, and the youngest is just four years old. They receive no financial assistance from the government or other institutions.

As Ala and his family confront financial challenges, they seek the support of compassionate individuals. Lending a hand to help this young man achieve his dreams can contribute to shaping a brighter future for him and his family.

By providing consistent monthly financial support to Ala, you can assist in making his dreams a reality without having to interrupt his educational journey.

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