This category includes 6-18 years old children, who are unable to go to school due to the fact that they cannot afford the main education expenses or have to work instead.


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Ala S.

20 Years Old

Despite the impossibilities, he is a successful student.

Ala is a young man full of hope. As the eldest child of his family who migrated from Syria to Turkey, he had to continue his life in Turkey. But he managed to become a 1st year law school student despite the impossibilities. In this success, the people who supported him also played an important role.
The Kocaköy District Governor was instrumental in Ala's reading. Ala Süleyman, who did not even speak Turkish at that time, said that he wanted to study with the help of his master, but that his financial situation was not enough. However, the Kocaköy District Governor hired a private teacher to make him learn Turkish and enabled him to start from the 7th grade. When Ala Süleyman could not find the annual 10 thousand TL he needed to give to study, he enrolled in the university with the help of his uncle in Mersin and a philanthropist. But now, due to the earthquake, the family has to stay in the dormitory, and financial difficulties have increased.
Ala doesn't want to take a break from his education. He dreams about his profession in the future and strives to improve himself. But without financial support, it becomes difficult to realize these dreams. In addition to losing their home in the earthquake, the family began to experience livelihood difficulties. His father is sick and unable to work, and the only one who works is his mother. He has 5 siblings and 3 of them are studying. His sister is in high school 2 and her brother is in 7th grade. The youngest is only 4 years old. They do not receive any financial support from the state or other institutions.
Ala and his family are looking for helpful people to stand by their side as they struggle with financial difficulties. Supporting this young man to achieve his dreams can help him and his family shape their future in a bright way. Ala, who does not want to interrupt his education life, needs your support. With this help, you can contribute to the realization of his dreams.

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