This category includes the children, who've fallen behind their peers beacause of the soluble problems and will hold on to life when these problems are solved.


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Oğuzhan Ö.

16 Years Old

Açlık Sınırında Yoksulluk

Oğuzhan is 16-years-old and suffers from severe autism.

After going bankrupt five years ago, his dad left his family in 2013. His mother lives in the three rooms of a house provided by her brother without paying any rent for now and tries to make a living by going to daily cleaning jobs. His mother wants to take care of Oğuzhan and to be able to work; because his other two brothers are also at school, she leaves Oğuzhan to school at Ziçev 4 days a week and goes to cleaning jobs. Ziv supports the mother by charging her only 200 TL monthly. Also they use the shuttle service free for 2 days. However, they have to use the bus for the other two days and the mother is in need of support to be able to send her other son, a senior student in high school, to a private teaching institution and for their living expenses. Mother is also paid maintenance pay besides her job. But still having serious difficulty caring for her 3 children.

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