This category includes the children, who've fallen behind their peers beacause of the soluble problems and will hold on to life when these problems are solved.


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Muhammet Baki Ç.

13 Years Old

Bakıma Muhtaç

Muhammet Ç is 8 years old and is struggling with the legionnaire disease. He hasn’t been able to hold his head up since 6 months old and he harms himself. His father is also disabled and can not work due to myelon softening and they are trying to get by with the quarterly pension Muhammet's father gets. As for Muhammet's mother, she can not work as she has to take care of Muhammet. Despite the maintenance support the state pays them for Muhammet, family can not get by.

Muhammet Ç needs support for medical care expenses, mainly the cost of his physical therapy and muscle relaxants.

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