<p>This category covers the victims of the 2023 Turkey earthquakes.<br></p>


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G. D.

12 Years Old

Facing Financial and Emotional Hardships

12-year-old G.D. is a victim of the earthquake in Nurdağı, Gaziantep. The family started to live in a tent as a result of the destruction of their house where they lived with their 4 siblings and mother.

They were compelled to relocate upon witnessing aggression from their father, who had been in prison prior to the earthquake.

The children, who are striving to distance themselves from their father struggling with substance abuse, rely solely on the care support they receive for their bedridden sibling as their primary source of income.

In addition to the trauma caused by the earthquake, G.D. is also in a significant financial hardship. Click to provide support to G.D.

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