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Muhammed Furkan T.

13 Years Old

Despite The Difficult Conditions of Life, He Wants to Continue His Education.

Muhammed Furkan T. is a teenager who continues his education despite the difficult conditions of life. The family, who live with the support of philanthropists, live in a prefabricated hut dating from 1959.

However, the earthquake damaged their house's roof, and the family had to cover it with a tarpaulin.

Even under these harsh conditions, his mother gives great importance to his education and she tries to send her son to school by doing the housework of others.

Muhammed is aware that his family needs financial support and is waiting for support to continue his education. He makes a great effort for his family to get out of this difficult situation and to be able to study himself.

Due to his father's disability, his family income is quite low, and his brothers are struggling with unemployment.

However, Muhammed is a hopeful and determined teenager despite the hardships that life presents to him. He shows great effort for his family and wants to study for his own future.

The family needs financial support to continue their vital activities. Muhammed is waiting for support to continue his education.

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