This category includes the children, who are not financially provided about fundamental needs such as food, housing, clothing and hygen.


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Saliha A.

16 Yaşında


Saliha is 16-years-old and suffers from severe autism. She lives together with her 4 other sisters in a shack in Ümraniye. Saliha's father works and tries to do his best to support his daughters' education. One of her older sisters is studying in distant training. One of her younger sisters is studying in 5th grade.

Saliha's mother takes her to Zihinsel Engelliler Vakfı for her treatment. Saliha is having difficulty in using the public transportation due to autism, for that reason her mother, Mrs. Güler, bought a car by getting into debt to comfort her daughter but it is hard for her to keep up with hospital payments. They also want Saliha to take speech therapy but that is impossible to do so with their financial constraints. For now, they need support to pay for the hospital expenses.

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