This category includes the children, who are not financially provided about fundamental needs such as food, housing, clothing and hygen.


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Veysel Ç.

15 Yaşında

wants to finish high school

Born in 2004,Veysel is the fifth child of a family of 8 children. İsmet Ç, the father of the family, passed away in 2015. Veysel is struggling to live together with their siblings, mother and grandmother and therefore need support.

In 2018, the fact that her sister won the university in city of Siirt caused the family further financial difficulties made it more difficult for Veysel and his siblings to attend school. Their sole economic income is his mothers widows' and orphan's salaries from the government. The mother and 6 children going to school have difficulty in covering these expenses. Veysel needs your support to look into the future with hope.

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