This category includes 6-18 years old children, who are unable to go to school due to the fact that they cannot afford the main education expenses or have to work instead.


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Tuba D.

9 Yaşında


Tuba was born in 2009 in Şanlıurfa Siverek, one of the 5 children of a low-income family. She needs support to continue her education. In the village, with her brothers, she looks after the animals of her neighbours and contributes to the family income.
In the spring, despite her age, she works on the fields with her family as seasonal worker in other cities and for this reason it is difficult for her to continue school. Her teacher has shared with us the story of Tuba's and her eagerness for education.
Let’s be supportive. If you help, Tuba will not be a shepherd and she will go to the school. In this case, she can give hope to all her peers.

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