<p>This category covers the victims of the 2023 Turkey earthquakes.<br></p>


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Bülent E.

8 Years Old

Living in a tent, Engin and his family are waiting for support

Bülent and his family who lost their home in the earthquake and now have to live in a tent are waiting for your support.
Bülent lives with his 7 siblings and mother because his father was martyred. Bülent and his family were living in their own house before the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş. But now, they live in a tent set up on the street because their house was damaged in the earthquake.
The whole life of Bülent and his family has been affected by this devastating earthquake. The family is struggling to meet the needs of Bülent and his 7 siblings, who were transferred to another school in the middle of the semester.
Click here to support the living of this family affected by the earthquake and to cover the education expenses of the children.

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