#apairofhappiness Project
Donate a pair of resistant shoes now!
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Target: 10.000 Pair of Shoes

Each $15 donation means
another pair of happiness!

#apairofhappiness INTRODUCTION VIDEO

  • Food & Shelter provided to Katrina Victams

“A pair of happiness” project came to life to provide resistant shoes to low-income students who can't afford a Pair of Shoes, attending rural schools across Anatolia. We are aiming to provide a total of 10.000 pairs of shoes to those students in need across 33 cities. Elementary school students from 1st to 3rd grade were chosen as our target age group as they are amongst the most vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and long commutes to schools. Children that will be granted with these 10.000 resistant shoes, were determined by the collaboration of school officials, teachers and local municipalities.

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“A Pair of Chocolates
A Pair of Happiness”

You too can support our project with campaign chocolates you can purchase from BUTTERFLY HANDMADE CHOCOLATE boutiques.

“1000 Happiness”

TAHİNCİOĞLU Holding makes 1000 children happy in Van, Bitlis, Ağrı, Erzurum and Muş.



“Their Employees
Are Our Supporters”

Employees of GÜNSAL Saat are providing moral and material support for our campaign.


“Our Mission Partner”

Hilton Parksa Istanbul is helping our project flourish by providing us a meeting room.



Sometimes a child needs more than a Pair of Shoes.