This category includes the children, who are not financially provided about fundamental needs such as food, housing, clothing and hygen.


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Muhammed Uhud B.

7 Yaşında

Muhammed Uhud Needs Your Support

Muhammed Uhud was born on 12.07.2012 in Istanbul. Uhud, the favorite of his teachers, is now at second grade. Uhud's family has financial problems along with his serious health problems. He has undergone 3 operations since the age of 3 due to fluid inflammation in the middle ear and 3 more operations are required. There are two tubes in his ear and hearing loss. He also has discomfort such as scarring in his stomach, iron deficiency and anemia.

Uhud's father works as a guard on a construction site and tries to take care of his four children. The biggest reason for his father to do this job is that he has serious health problems. He has problems that he needs to undergo surgery such as vascular occlusion, hernia and liver mass. The housewife mother has also problems such as sagging of the cerebellum and hernia and heart rythm. This family, which earns even less than the minimum income level, is waiting for your help. This lively boy Uhud, favorite of his teachers, needs your support.

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