This category includes the children, who are not financially provided about fundamental needs such as food, housing, clothing and hygen.


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Medine Y.

9 Yaşında

Her Father is in Prison

Medine Y., born in Çorum, 2010, is studying in İskilip Atatürk Primary School with two siblings.

Medina's father found a temporary job at İŞKUR and became unemployed after a while. Within the scope of a project, he bought a loan from the bank with his brother to buy farm animals, but the animals were killed by the disease. Medina's father is now in prison because he could not pay his debt to the bank. As the mother does not have an additional income, the family is suffering from livelihoods and cannot afford to pay for stationery.

The family needs to be supported financially to meet their needs. Click to support Medina.

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