This category includes 6-18 years old children, who are unable to go to school due to the fact that they cannot afford the main education expenses or have to work instead.


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Hülya T.

7 Yaşında

can continue education with donations only

Born in 2011, Kahramanmaras, Hülya T. is the youngest child of her family with 4 children. Hülya has 2 older sisters and 1 older brother.

Her blind father's inability to work due to health problems leaves them in a difficult position. Family is living with the help of institutions and donations. His father's visual disability makes him unable to work. The house of their family lives was built by the municipality.

Hülya is a very successful and determined child. She needs your support so she can concentrate on her studies without worrying about her livelihood.

Sponsorship Fee 220,00